Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Blogger model for ePortfolios

As I was setting up another blog, using Blogger, and marveling at how easy it is, it occurred to me that the Blogger model might be developed for e-portfolio construction. Blogger is currently a free service from Google, and an individual can either use the Blogspot hosting site to hold the files, with ads added to the top of the page, or change the publishing settings to FTP the entries to my own server, without ads. I can attach files and images, which are stored in my server space. The entries are stored chronologically, but other blogging software allows categories and subcategories. The software handles the organization, but the files are stored in my own server space. Albeit, I pay for my domain name and server space on an annual basis, but I am not using even half of my space allocation.

Why can't there be a similar type of software, similar to Blogger, that allows me to choose a different form of organization? What needs to be added to Blogger? Categories and sub-categories plus a tool to inventory the attachment files, to be able to use them in other entries. Right now, I think they can only be used in the original entry (unless I manually enter the full URL of the file). Word Press allows Categories, but the organization within each one is still chronological, the most recent on top. Perhaps that is not terrible for a portfolio, but I would like more control over the organization.

Of course, I could use a web publishing service, like Yahoo's GeoCities, to create static web pages, but there are limitations with the amount of free storage space. I really like the ease-of-use that I have with Blogger or Word Press, or any of the other blogging tools I have tried. Perhaps I am asking for a hybrid between the Open Source Portfolio and the open source Word Press blogging software.


Pete Hubbard said...


In case your are not aware of the new software that Dave Tosh and Ben Werdmuller are developing and they hope to release late this month (Sept.) I will include here the link and a brief description.

ELGGWelcome to Elgg

Elgg will be a fully featured electronic portfolio, weblog and social networking system. The goal is to create a learning landscape: connecting learners and creating communities of learning. We estimate that the system will be launched in alpha by the end of September 2004.

LifeWork Planner

Helen Barrett said...

Thanks, Pete. Yes, I know about his tool. I have my artifacts/reflections all ready to upload to it, when it is ready for testing. I just used another e-portfolio system last night, to create a prototype portfolio using tools developed at the Maricopa Community Colleges.
It really helped that I had most of my artifacts already published on my websites (my digital archive) so that I could just make links.