Wednesday, March 09, 2005

REAL Portfolios

I have a new title for one of my presentations: REAL Electronic Portfolios: Reflection, Engagement and Assessment for Learning. The presentation will focus on the role of these three elements in portfolio development. I'm really into acronyms these days... acronyms that also have literal meanings, such as the REFLECT Initiative using those same concepts: Researching Electronic portFolios: Learning, Engagement, Collaboration through Technology.

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Steve said...

I only peek in here occasionally, Dr. Barrett, and I've only had to make one ePortfolio in my life, but I've throughly enjoyed my glimpses into your thinking. I found using portfolios the way they were taught in the mid-80s for my students a bit frustrating, but I adapted aspects of what you're calling a learning portfolio to my composition assignments, and I've been pleased with the results. I've been considering attempting some forms of eportfolios for my students, and I'm pleased with how reading your blog here gets me thinking about honing my ideas and expectations, defining what should go into it, what it would comprise, and how they would develop it. Thanks so much!