Friday, June 03, 2005

Palm LifeDrive

I am making this entry on my brand new Palm LifeDrive. It is a Palm with a 4 GB hard drive! It also has WiFi and Bluetooth. I've already made a call through my cell phone, but I'm using the WiFi right now. I'm using my wireless keyboard as well. I have my Comcast e-mail account set up and I have sent and received e-mail over WiFi. The web page browsing is strange, but I'm using the standard Blogger page. I love learning new toys!


Writer Waiting said...

The LifeDrive looks so cool... I'm very tempted to upgrade my basic m130. Please share more of your experiences with the gadget, and others you might find! :)

Jazz said...
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PTGIZMO said...

I am leaning towards purchasing the LifeDrive, as a laptop replacement. I am also very interested in your opinions of the LifeDrive.

alexanderhayes said...

Hi Helen,

I'd just like to draw your attention to a conversation where your name was mentioned more than once.

I'm also curious to understand more of where you think e-portfolios become operationally standard for handhelds and the issues you forsee with the onset of web2.0 with all it's complexicities and proprietal lockdowns - much like static web 1.0 wouldnt you think ?