Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Message from "down under"

I had a great 3-way Skype conference this morning with my husband and my daughter connecting us across two oceans and three different continents! I was just getting up (7 AM on Wednesday in Melbourne), it was lunchtime for my husband in Seattle (noon) and my daughter was going to bed in Budapest (9 PM) on Tuesday! The audio was awesome! I am so excited about this technology, that allows any groups to communicate over the Internet for free. The impact on relationships is powerful.

I'm writing this entry from Adelaide in South Australia, near the beginning of a tour "down under" beginning with a private school in Melbourne for two days, now working with the Government of South Australia, Department of Education and Children’s Services, at an ePortfolios for Professional Development conference. On Saturday, I head for Brisbane where I will work with Queensland University of Technology and the ASCILITE conference (more on that to come). I will then go to the ePortfolio New Zealand conference in Melbourne.

I was just blown away by a digital story told by a teacher here in Australia, who reads this blog. He bought the microphone that I recommended in an earlier blog entry. And his digital story about his ePortfolio journey was heartwarming and engaging. A wonderful surprise! I know this blog is being read, at least by a few people. When I explored David Tosh's Elgg blog, he mentioned that this blog was listed on some list of the top 20 educational blogs. I must resolve to make more blog entries, not use my travel schedule as an excuse!


Paul Luke said...

I have now participated in two of Helen's presentations - a year apart. It has been refreshing to hear Helen's passionate voice reinforcing the importance of capturing a person's 'moment in time' through the use of a digital story.
Thanks Helen, you have reignited my passion and interest in continuing to capture my life story and those dear to me. Paul Luke

Diane Bennett said...
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Diane Bennett said...

It is so encouraging to read your posts and still realize you are so connected to the classroom. I am enlightened that you continue to be "blown away" by a teacher's personal digital story and that it matters to you to continue pursuing your passion toward research. My school is working toward creating similiar stories in helping our freshmen create e-portfolios. One of the most important things I do after the busyness of the week is to get in my quiet space and make sense of all the activity in relation to the value it brings. In every way it helps me get better the next week. Thanks for your help in realizing the importance of reflecting on our work.