Friday, April 14, 2006

New web links

I am getting caught up from my travels, and wanted to post a couple of interesting weblinks that I came across over the last couple of months:

USA Today article ("What you say online could haunt you") on the perils of posting personal information into social networking spaces, and how it can impact on future employment, etc.

Tennessean article ("Study monitors students' work") about the REFLECT Initiative project in the State of Tennessee. This is the research project that I am leading for TaskStream. Great quotes from high school students.

Another tool for digital storytelling online, BubbleShare. I'm not sure how I feel about these sites that require Internet access to share these multimedia photo albums. Just like Flickr and PhotoJam, you have to be connected to the Internet to share these files. I'd like to be able to ALSO create a DVD that I can play on my HD TV, as well as archive in high quality format. Video on the WWW is still low quality compared to DVD.


Vicki A. Davis said...

The Tennesseean article says that task stream provides free portfolios, however the taskstream website requires subscriptions. What happens to preserve the portfolios for the students?

Helen Barrett said...

TaskStream is providing free portfolios for the students for the duration of the grant. The portfolios will continue to be available for students to view after the end of the grant (As I understand it, TaskStream does not remove the data in any accounts, just the ability to make changes after accounts expire). TaskStream also allows students to download a web archive of their portfolios, and many students save their portfolios on CD-ROM, or upload their portfolios to another web server.