Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hong Kong Conference

This is the first stop on the Asia ePortfolio Trilogy tour. A group of about 40 Hong Kong educators gathered for the first ePortfolio conference in Hong Kong. I am really excited about what I see happening here, and the level of interest, despite the low level of attendance. There is now a policy in Hong Kong for all secondary students to develop a Student Learning Profile, which can have a variety of formats; one of those could be an ePortfolio. So there will be a lot of exciting developments happening in Hong Kong over the next few years.

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poon sir said...

Dear Dr. Helen,

It's my honour to have your lesson face to face! Thanks for giving us your valuable experience in using ePortfolio and writing digital stories, it really refleshing my mind about developing students' whole person with modern technology!

Poon sir
United Christian College