Thursday, May 24, 2007

Slide-to-Video Software so far

Here is the Macintosh software that I have tried so far, and the issue with each one:
  • GarageBand's Podcast track -- works well, if you export PowerPoint to individual JPEGS (changing format to square image), import them one-by-one onto the Podcast track. The quality of video is marginal.
  • iMovie -- works very well, but not efficient -- you also have to export PowerPoint to individual JPEGS, and then adjust length of each slide to match audio on timeline.
  • PowerPoint's export to video -- which does not synchronize audio with slides unless you embed individual audio clips on each slide... then it works very well, but not very efficient. And the files are huge
  • Keynote's export to QuickTime -- same issue as PowerPoint (embed audio in each slide), but much slower process and QuickTime clip doesn't have controller at the bottom (not sure if there is a setting I am missing)
  • ProfCast -- which only allows live recording ($30) which might work for some, but I like to edit my iPod recordings before adding the slides.
  • LecShare Pro -- which is the most promising so far, but slow and quirky - it works with PowerPoint, saves its coding into the PowerPoint file or the audio file. That tool also lets you convert these slide shows to accessible HTML and uses both pre-recorded audio or lets you record directly in the program for each slide.


bubblepps said...

Did you try some Windows software of converting PowerPoint to video and burning to DVD.
I'll be appreciate if you give me some advice.

Helen Barrett said...

I work on Mac OS X, I'm an Apple Distinguished Educator, and I don't have time to explore the Windows platform at this time (maybe when I get my new MacBook Pro with the Intel Core2 Duo processor this summer. I am specifically looking for Macintosh software. A simple Google search should provide a long list of Windows software.

Mike said...

Slideshare apparently has a new audio sync feature. Saw Leigh Blackall raving about it here.

... although maybe the audio on that is not the best example. Haven't tried it myself yet.