Monday, August 27, 2007

Elgg (Eduspaces)

I've been watching the Elgg tool for several years, but was waiting until the presentation builder was finished. This is the 29th tool that I have used to re-create my electronic portfolio. The process moved pretty smoothly. I was able to convert all URLs to weblinks. The tool allowed me to reconstruct my portfolio in less than an hour, copying the information from my ZohoWriter portfolio, where I had the URLs on the page (and the links). I easily uploaded a few graphics. All of my other artifacts are web links.

Since I prefer to have the links open a new window (and the portfolio remains open), I was able to specific each link to open in a new window. When an artifact is opened, the reader can close the window and easily return to the portfolio, rather than using the Back button. There is also no data management tool, to aggregate assessment data. Therefore, this tool would work for formative assessment (providing teacher and peer feedback on student work) but not for summative assessment.

The real advantage of Elgg is the social networking and blogging built into the system, as well as the file management system. I could not figure out how to create links to another Elgg presentation page, so I put the entire portfolio into a single presentation page. The program created a Table of Contents at the top of the page, with links to each section on the page. Very nice! It is very nice to have a presentation builder now as part of Elgg. Even if it is a very simple tool, it allows text, blog posts and files to be included on a presentation page. I would really like pages and sub pages, such as in WordPress, but at least it now has another way to present portfolio data, instead of just the reverse chronological order of the blog.


BLOG said...


I am very interested in learning more about Elgg and wondered if you could give me more information about ELGG and how you have used it.

I would like to build social networking capabilities into the classroom (I teach at college which currently uses Blackboard as a VLE) and am also very interested in the presentation side of the software.

have you installed the software on your own server ? or do you use elggs online community ?

Hope you can help as this software looks great !



Helen Barrett said...

I am a consultant and researcher on ePortfolios, no longer a faculty member. I only used the EduSpaces site as part of my research on different ePortfolio tools. Beyond re-creating my portfolio, I have not used Elgg/EduSpaces for any other purpose.