Friday, September 28, 2007

Lecture of a Lifetime

I just watched Randy Pausch's Lecture of a Lifetime on ABC News. (It is really in four parts beginning here.) He has many wonderful messages about how to live and die. It is a wonderful lecture about how this Carnegie Mellon professor, dying from cancer, achieved his childhood dreams. He has done pioneering research on virtual reality and games to teach programming; his latest system is called Alice. He talks about "head fakes": "the best way to teach someone something is to have them think they are learning something else!" "Millions of kids having fun while learning something hard!" (even the HP creativity commercials that preceded the video were engaging). This was truly a legacy story. He said it was really for his kids. My favorite part: he even admitted to having a deathbed conversion... he bought a Macintosh! This is well worth watching!
The video is also posted on YouTube in smaller segments, without commercials, starting here: Part 0(2) or watch the whole hour and 25 minutes on Google Video.


Downes said...

You should link to the lecture on YouTube, where it can be seen without the commercials. Randy Pausch is contributing it to the public domain - it's too bad networks take that as an invitation to start making money from it.

Cris said...

it is indeed a wonderful lecture. Truly inspiring. I think all in educators from all parts of the world should listen to it and extract some valuable lessons. There are quite a few that you can learn from this brilliant talk. The way I see it Prof. Pausch has just shared his life motto with us. We should not waste this chance to adopt a similar posture!