Friday, October 19, 2007

Open Source ePortfolio Systems

At the ePortfolio Conference in Maastricht, The Netherlands, one of the keynote speakers was from the Open University in the U.K. They have been developing an open source ePortfolio system for several years, and it should be fully deployed in February 2008. They call their system MyStuff and it is fully integrated with Moodle. This system does not use folders to store files, but uses tags instead, which offers a very different, more flexible and intriguing way to access artifacts in a portfolio.

The list of open source ePortfolio systems to date includes:I heard from some New Zealanders at the conference that the Mahara team has received more funding to adapt the system to schools, and the adaptations should be completed by the end of this year. In a few weeks, I hope to do an evaluation of the capabilities of some of these tools. I have already developed a portfolio in Elgg. I will also see about getting access to MyStuff. I tried Klahowya a few years ago and couldn't make it work on my server space. I will be working with the University of Oregon's Center for Advanced Technology in Education to evaluate Mahara and Elgg for their Special Education ePortfolio project. I am working with SPDC and schools in New Hampshire to implement the Moofolio to demonstrate technology fluency. Since I just learned about MyStuff, I am anxious to try it out, as well.


b2k said...


I was also at the conference at Maastricht and like you am eager to try out the My Stuff e-portfolio. We ahve had a small pilot using Moodle itself to allow students to create their own e-portfolios but the fact that Mystuff is built on top of Moodle interests me greatly. I'd be interested in hearing how you get on with it. I'm new to the use of e-portfolios but have been working with Moodle for a year or so now and would like to find one to fit it.

Brendan Tierney SQA,

CacaoPH said...

Thank you for this page, I have some breadcrumbs to follow as I am also seeking ways to deploy an ePortfolio. I wanted to make a portable deployable ePortfolio box for testing and demo. So I guess I would use Moodle since I have used it before and MyStuff(new info) to try it with. So how is the results of your try outs on the other systems?