Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Google Storage Activated

I woke up this morning to this message on my Google Docs page:

So, I found the three files that I have been using in my study of online storage systems, and uploaded them to my Google Docs account.  There were two PDF files (Google Docs has been able to store PDFs for the last year) and one 10MB MP3 file of my presentation at a conference. I proceeded to experiment based on instructions in a website that I recently found: How to Embed MP3 Audio Files In Web Pages With Google or Yahoo! Flash Player. I used the code for the Google Reader player, and I embedded it on a demo Google Site I was using for a class. It took a couple of tries, because I don't think Google is supporting the embedding of MP3 files, but I made it work by tweeking the download URL on the Google Docs download page for that document (removed the download suffix on the URL).

Euripides said... An update- I was told after uploading one of my podcasts that "sorry, we do not currently support MP3 files"
Obviously! The process I went through worked, but it was not for the faint of heart (or those who don't understand URL codes). I hope that there will be a gadget soon, that will make this process seamless, just like embedding YouTube videos. Using to embed audio with a player is much easier!


Matt Montagne said...

Check out Kern Kelly's directions to his students on using the Odeo gadget in google sites:

I just tried this on my sandbox page and it worked beautifully.


dragonsinger57 said...

I managed to embed an audioboo file quite nicely in a test site - but I did it in HTML mode - it automatically showed a "google embed gadget" once I exited html mode.

Audioboo lets you upload audio (but I'm not sure how big the files can be).