Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ASB India

I am working on my TEDxIndia presentation on Thursday in Mumbai. I've been in India for a week, and it has been a spectacular trip, both visiting the American School of Bombay, and spending the weekend in Delhi and Agra (including a visit to the beautiful Taj Mahal!). It has been fascinating to see what can be done within a 1-to-1 laptop program, beginning in 3rd grade. I have been meeting with a variety of teachers for the last week, answering questions about ePortfolios, and trying to demystify the process. This is a PYP elementary school, and the students have been maintaining paper portfolios for quite a while, so adopting an electronic portfolio is natural transition in their 1-to-1 program.

I've been working with some of the teachers over the year, with short web/audio conferences on a monthly basis, and I am excited to see what the 3rd grade students have achieved using Google Sites. They have set up pages for each content  area using the Announcements page type, adding entries on a regular basis. One teacher says some of the students are making entries on their own, without prompting. The school videotaped those students talking about their portfolios. Many of their comments were priceless! I am hoping they will post the video online, so that I can link to it.

I am preparing for my TEDxIndia talk. The narrative is posted as a GoogleDocs document, and the slides are posted to SlideShare.
I would love some feedback on the ideas about how the boundaries are blurring between Social Networking and ePortfolio Development, and the need for more intrinsic motivation, based on Dan Pink's book, Drive.


Lee said...

Hi Helen,

The focus of my post-grad research study is related to this. I'm looking at the Web 2.0 divide in eportfolios. In other words what difference does it make to the perceived value if the eportfolio is easily integrated to existing digital identity (personalisation, connections, etc.). I expect the success factors should be the same as with social networking sites.

I was happy to find your presentation. I'm confident I'm on the right track now :-)



Mohsen Saadatmand said...

Dear Helen,
I am a returning viewer of your blog! In my doctoral dissertation research I am tackling the issues of social media influences on e-portfolio process and products.In fact, I am interested in exploring how utilizing and incorporating different social networking platforms and web 2.0 tools into portfolio development could transform them? what processes we could understand? ( social interactions, sharing, motivations ... ) , the issues of interoperability and transferability between different systems? However my thoughts are not well-formed but I will contact you to discuss further about that and elaborate more on my ideas.
I am wondering if you would have any suggestion and recommendation in this regard!
I am also looking forward to having a chance for a face-to-face discussion with you somewhere in a relevant conference or alike events(maybe AAEEBL 2010 if you will be there?).

Helen Barrett said...

Yes, I will be at both of the 2010 ePortfolio conferences in London (July 5-7) and in Boston (July 19-23).