Thursday, April 08, 2010

Writing this message at 30,000+ feet on my way to GSO via ORD while watching a podcast on my ipad. It was fun walking into the Seattle airport and logging into free wifi almost instantly. I also like the ability to prop up the ipad on my tray with the Apple case I bought. Now reading one of the books I downloaded, with letters at least one inch high. Maybe these middle-aged eyes won't be as tired when I land. I just wish it had a way to edit Word docs. I can send myself an email with text I am composing, but can't integrate it into a Word doc until I use my laptop. I have to remember that the ipad is not a laptop replacement. I would like it to be, but not yet.

Interesting article online about the rumored HP Slate running Windows 7 with 32 GB of storage for $550. If it runs GoogleDocs, it would be worth it, although a basic netbook costs $300. I'm sure this market will be interesting over the next year.

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