Thursday, March 03, 2011

NCCE Workshop and Presentation

Here are my slides for my hands-on workshop this morning (Creating ePortfolios using GoogleApps) and presentation this afternoon (GoogleApps ePortfolios) held in Portland at the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE). I was disappointed that they scheduled my workshop during the same time as the keynote address by Dr. Yong Zhao, which took place during the latter part of my workshop time. I noticed that about half of the participants left my workshop after the break... I hope it wasn't a reflection on the workshop, but the last half was mostly hands-on time)! If I had not been leading the workshop, I probably would have left as well! I heard the keynote was very good.
Selected tweets with #NCCE2011 hash tag:
  • Creating another Google Site with Dr. Helen Barrett at the NCCE Conference 
  • PORTFOLIO: ePortfolios with GoogleApps,
  • PORTFOLIO: GoogleDocs - Create a Document to describe our own portfolio
  • PORTFOLIO: Level 1 Workspace: Collection of Artifacts in the Cloud
  • PORTFOLIO: 3 steps in setting up an efolio: 1. Storage in GoogleDocs, 2. Reflect in Google Blogger, 3. Presentation GoogleSites
  • 10 Ways Technology Supports 21st Century Learners in Being Self Directed,
  • PORTFOLIOS: GoogleApps for Education is awesome. It's free. Can take up to 6 weeks to get it set up, though
  • PORTFOLIOS: Great Article! Keeping it real. Ideas for Schools, Educators, and Students,
  • PORTFOLIO: Balancing the two faces of ePortfolios, <-- VERY COOL GRAPHIC :)
  • PORTFOLIO is both process and product
  • PORTFOLIOS: students need to reflect in multiple formats, not just print.
  • Helen Barrett shared two stories: 1. Students burned upon graduation 2. Student offered a $50 reward for her lost portfolio Hmmm
  • Power and Portfolios: Best Practices for High School Classrooms, GREAT BOOK!
  • The more structured the portfolio the less ownership students have
  • ePortfolios help the learner find their voice
  • ePortolios should be more about talking not telling. A CONVERSATION OR DIALOG!
  • Helen Barrett at TED Talks:
  • Dr. Barrett... hyperlinking leads students to a deeper understanding 
  • Using The Renzulli Learning System to Support Differentiated Instruction,
  • KNOW THYSELF this was carved at the temple at Delphi
  • PORTFOLIO: Is it a structured assessment portfolio? a learning portfolio? etc. Decisions need to be made FIRST!
  • Ask the question what the purpose of the portfolio. There are many purposes. Ask, 'who owns the portfolio?' Who keeps it?
  • Portfolio 3.0:
  • ePortfolio in 21st Century: Introduction to e-Portfolios from JISC's Lis...
  • ePortfolio Definition:
  • Is this the first Portfolio? Leonardo da Vinci:
  • Portfolio: One Word, Many Meanings - definition depends context
  • Simon Sinek Profile:
  • Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action,
  • Helen Barrett quote: "Reflection is the heart and soul of ePortfolios not the technology"
  • Another good eportfolio resource 
  • Check out this SlideShare presentation : Aaeebl slc feb11
  • Oregon is the first state to adopt GoogleApps for all k-12 schools.
  • Dr. Barrett is THE expert of portfolios - so lucky to have her presenting at #ncce2011
  • Helen Barrett's slideshow:
  • Morning Session: HA73 - Create ePortfolios using Google Apps,
I am impressed with some tweeters who add value to my presentation, adding additional links and information! Thanks!

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