Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ISTE 2011 Reflections

I just finished my presentation, Student-Centered Interactive E-Portfolios with Google Apps.
Here are the tweets I just captured about my presentation. I thought it was one of my better presentations. I really feel like the elements are aligning to make student-centered portfolios a reality: tools, philosophy, pedagogy.
  • @TheHomeworkDog RT @jessievaz12: More on #eportfolios #ISTE11
  • @erinbarrett Lots of "ooohs and aaahs" when @eportfolios shows #teacherdashboard! Great tool! #ISTE11 #eportfolios
  • @jessievaz12 An 'ooooo' overtook the crowd as the teacher dashboard plug in was showed from the google marketplace! #eportfolios #ISTE11
  • @rgriffithjr Agreed! - RT @jessievaz12: Portfolios should be a conversation about learning, not a presentation on learning #eportfolios #ISTE11
  • @cbuchanan_dasd RT @millpub: Taxonomy of Reflection #iste11 #eportfolios #iste11dasd 
  • @RSOldring #eportfolios Lvl 1 - collection of Artifacts/ Lvl 2 - collection with reflection/ Lvl 3 - selection and presentation #ISTE11
  • @RSOldring #eportfolios being built in social media tools can be a great motivator for students #ISTE11
  • @Sharvey85 The power in the portfolio is the process/journey not the destination #eportfolios #iste11
  • @erinbarrett My mom, @eportfolios is rocking her presentation...of course! #eportfolios #iste11
  • @jessievaz12 A dad uses twitter as portfolio showing growth and experiences of his child. Started the minute she was born! Amazing! #eportfolios #ISTE11
  • @Sharvey85 Give students ownership of their learning with #eportfolios
  • @Tim_Yocum Social media makes portfolios easy. RT @jessievaz12: The line between eportfolios and social media is blurring #eportfolios #ISTE11
  • @divatechie12 @Student Centered #eportfolios with Google Apps. Website for presentation is
  • @jessievaz12 check out all those resources! #eportfolios #ISTE11
The themes I found repeated at this conference were mobile devices (everyone has an iPad or iPhone!) and Google Apps really took off this year. I also found a lot more teachers interested in portfolios through our Birds of a Feather sessions on Electronic Portfolios and Google Apps in Education. It has been an exhilirating conference!

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Kathleen Johnson said...

ahhh, wish I had been there. But hopefully my emissaries attended. I love the big arc ideas: students are taking control of their learning and that portfolios are persistent.