Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ePIC Conference Keynote

Tweets from people attending the presentation:
  • @shojikajita "When cloud computing meets with Semantic Web: A new design for e-portfolio systems in the social media era" #epic11
  • @isabellegonon #epic11 Helen Barrett : the future (of #eportfolio) is in the #cloud and in #mobile
  • @ljanegray #epic11 Helen Barretts philosophy for e-portfolios = authenticity, choice and voice.
  • @inicot #epic11 I'll certainly remember this piece of advice from Helen Barrett "Rewire, don't retire!"
  • @John_Pallister the #ePortfolio challenge is to make it the 'e'asy portfolio; the 'e'ssential portfolio and then go for learner 'e'ngagement #epic11
  • @isabellegonon #epic11 now I know what a #shoebox story is ! Thanks to Helen Barrett
  • @kirstie_C Great presentation from helen barratt. Epf as digital document of development. it's everywhere #epic11
  • @shojikajita Peter Drucker "Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves" in "Managing Oneself" #epic11
  • @donpresant #epic11 Helen Barrett: family photos, videos often start building digital identity before birth...ultrasound as #eportfolio artefact
  • @donpresant #epic11 Helen Barrett: 4 pillars are: self awareness, planning to learn, knowing how to learn, monitoring your learning
  • @shojikajita Isaac Asimov "The day you stop learning is the day you begin decayin." #epic11
  • @inicot #epic11 Helen Barrettt, "the matriarch of ePortfolios": Lifelong learning shouldn't be confused with lifelong schooling 
It was an interesting session. First there was Donald Clark, talking about his skeptical blog post about ePortfolios: 7 reasons why I don’t want my life in a shoebox. In some ways I agreed with him when he railed against the commercial ePortfolio tools and extolled the use of social software. But he made some generalized statements that did not match my experience or beliefs, especially about lifelong learners. I think this blog entry simplified a very complex process, and didn't recognize the importance of metacognition. Before my talk, Shane Sutherland talked about the design of Personal Learning Spaces, which was an interesting look at systems design.

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