Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook Timeline - a life portfolio?

Last week, Facebook announced changes to the Profile, to include a Timeline that is a "friction-free" process for documenting our lives:

"Timeline is your collection of all the top photos, posts and apps that help tell your story. Learn more at"

How soon before Facebook has all of the tools necessary to document our learning as well as our social graph?

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Ashley Kehoe said...

I had this exact same thought when I switched over to the facebook timeline, there are so many parallels to portfolios! I am still unsure exactly what this means for those of us in the field of ePortfolios, but I like the idea of "lifelong & lifewide" learning, reflection, story-telling, & meaning-making having a broader reach and impact. My main concern or thought I keep coming back to is: How will those of us using ePortfolios in higher education compete with a social network that already dominates (and in some cases defines) our students' lives? Or maybe a better question is...should we even be competing?