Monday, January 30, 2012

Supporting Reflection with Mobile Devices

I am doing a Poster Session at ISTE 2012 in San Diego entitled,  mPortfolios: Supporting reflection in ePortfolios with mobile devices. Here is the first draft of the document that I will eventually print out in poster size.  I think I will also try to create a Prezi document based on this diagram. Each of the icons can become links to the specific app website. A lot of this information is posted online in my mPortfolios Google Site.

The Reflection Cycle, which I posted earlier, is based on a theory of Self-Regulated Learning that was the underlying theory of the ePearl ePortfolio system developed at Concordia University. I have adapted the process to include suggestions for mobile apps with supporting websites, or those that include the ability to upload artifacts to Dropbox, GoogleDocs, YouTube, etc. I also identified the multiple portfolio processes that are identified in the JISC publication Effective Practices with ePortfolios: Capturing & storing evidence, Reflecting, Giving & receiving feedback, Planning & setting goals, Collaborating, Presenting to an audience. I also added indications of how the strategies fit within the revised Bloom's Taxonomy. I have placed the Evernote app under all three stages because of the impressive implementation by the teachers and students at Trillium Charter School in Portland. The blog maintained by Rob VanNood is a very insightful documentation of their implementation of Evernote within the self-regulated learning process.

I would love feedback on the diagram, including more suggestions for useful apps to include. A full size version is posted on my website, as well as a PDF version.


Kathleen Johnson said...

What a fabulous poster. I have considered making a graphic poster as part of my portfolio studies. What program did you make this in?

Helen Barrett said...

I used Inspiration. I have used that tool with most of my graphic organizers on my website.

tmalloff said...

This is an amazing synthesis! I've been referring to this graphic with my colleagues in reference to the eportfolio process. I really appreciate the diverse means of capturing the learner's experiences throughout the process. Apps truly allow flexibility and mobility in demonstrating growth and achievement. Thank you for this!

Alexi Felix said...

I would love to use this for my blog on eportfolio use for developing reflection skills


Alexi Felix said...

I am researching the use of the e-portfolio in the development of reflection skills through project-based learning and this graphic representation sums up all the benefits.

Your work is a tremendous support for me.

thanks so much!