Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NECC07 Conference - Day 4

What happened to Day 2 & 3? A whole lot of networking and conversation! Today was the day that I did my presentation on the Multiple Purposes of Digital Stories and Podcasts in ePortfolios, or as I subtitled it, "YouTube/iTunes meets 'academic' MySpace." I also finished my digital story called NameTags, which is now on my website (in several places). Now it is going on my iPod!

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denise said...

I watched your story "Name tags" I looked over at my blind which has a line of conference name tags down the side- and realised that yes, they are evidence for a portfolio of my growth and interests - showing where my learning has gone. I find conferences a stimulating and affirming experience where learning is exciting and reflective. I was not really aware of why I found my name tags so important but it is indeed because they show history- and serve as clear reminders of where I have been and how I arrived to now!
Thank you for the inspiration!