Sunday, June 03, 2007

PowerPoint & LecShare Pro

PowerPoint is the 26th tool that I have used to create my electronic portfolio. I authored the portfolio in PowerPoint and then created different versions linked from a more comprehensive web page. In addition to using LecShare Pro, I also used the "Save as Web Page..." command in PowerPoint. The Lecshare HTML version (with audio and notes) did not create hyperlinks that I had created in the PowerPoint file; the PowerPoint-created HTML version includes the hyperlinks. The more detailed reflection on the web page is also part of the audio narration at the end of the video versions.

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Emma said...

Bother! I think that I lost the last comment that I wrote, when I tried to change it from my Blogger a/c to the one I generally use. Sorry if this has shown up twice!

I really liked the Accessible HTML version - as it was really easy to navigate. I've used a similar tool (Smirk - produced by a small team), but that one didn't work with Firefox - and this one does. Was it LecShare pro that did it all? Seems like a powerful tool!

I also had a few problems with the captioned QuickTime one, as it was only showing part of the caption (the first two lines).
(Not deaf, but my speakers don't work - and even when I do we have offices that might as well not have walls as they are so thin!)

I've been looking at ways of adding audio to presentations - at present my favourite is Imaptica (Windows only I think), but that doesn't do the nice menu that you've got.

I also have been using Captivate, but again, I don't get the menu.

I've also been looking at non-Powerpoint options - like S5 - and adding mp3 files, but it's a bit of a pain!

Useful to see all the output from a single program!