Saturday, June 07, 2008

Learning about ePortfolios

Last week, I added a new page to my website: Learning about Electronic Portfolios. I converted the "open source" MOSEP course, created by the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft under a European Commission grant, into HTML format (I found their wiki hard to navigate, and impossible to link to specific pages within the course). After I finished, I discovered the PDF version of their course materials online, but it is still impossible to link to specific lessons in the course! I also posted the course that I have been constructing about Web 2.0 Tools for Lifelong & Life Wide Learning. The course includes "Portfolio Pointers" on how to use the different Web 2.0 tools to construct an online portfolio "mashup".

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Wolf said...

Dear Helen!
Thanks for featuring the course :-).
As this Wiki is a research prototype, there is still a lot to to in terms of usability - but there are two small hints, which probably makes it easier to find your way through:
* For navigation purposes, use the "tutorial" box on the righthand side.
* For a link directly into a specific page, use the "permalink" button on the bottom of the "Socialise box".

I know, there is a lot of improvement necessary ... :-)

Best reagards