Monday, July 21, 2008

Navigating with my new iPhone

I just spent last week in Orlando with a rental car and my daughter riding along, navigating with Maps on my new iPhone. It was so cool! She searched for the nearest cash machine, found a restaurant across town, and an outlet mall for our retail therapy/bonding sessions, and found the nearest movie theater and show times so that we could see Mamma Mia (saw it on stage in Budapest and loved it just as much). I spent a lot of my free time exploring the iTunes Apps store.

I am writing this post on my iPhone at 30,000+ feet while traveling to Indianapolis for the NCTE Institute (more in a later entry). I just wish I could get used to typing with my thumbs. At least my fingernails are not getting in my way! I know it will take more practice.

I figured out how to update my Facebook status; I've also figured out how the different mail servers work (deleting a message in GMail and MobileMe puts it in the trash on those servers but does nothing on the Comcast server... I'm not sure which approach I prefer). Also, reading a message in GMail on my iPhone means it will not get downloaded to my laptop, but reading a Comcast mail message has no effect (I can still download them to my desktop). I know what one I prefer there. I'm still using my desktop computer to maintain a record of all of my email messages. I know I am going to need to change that habit!

Taking pictures with the camera and sending by email has been fun. I still need to figure out if I can attach then to a web page (like this blog or Picasa). Lots more to learn, but the implications for using this type of tool (more likely the iTouch) for documenting the learning process has a lot of potential. I am planning to work with at least one school in NH on these types of 1-to-1 and Web 2.0 tools in the next school year.

Created on my iPhone... but edited on my computer. Making corrections in a message after it has been saved in the outbox (but before it has been sent) is impossible (or not obvious) which makes editing this post a problem... But I sent it to myself instead of directly to my blog. That's my next thing to learn.


Katie said...

I've mastered typing with my thumbs - I have a first gen iPhone - it won't take you long. The app I love right now is Jott. It has amazing speech to text capability and using the Jott number I can post to twitter, to typepad, to contacts and to my jott acount without touching the keypad. I'm amazed at how accurate it is.

north campus nellie said...

Hello, Helen,
I'm the NCTE participant who gushed over you at breakfast this morning. Your inspirational talk last night was just what I needed. I look to NCTE not just for intellectual updates but also for the emotional recharging, which is exactly what you delivered last night.

I've used digital storyboards for reflection/reporting on self-selected reading books my high school students did over holidays last year. I like your more personal takes on them.

I'm looking forward to perusing your web page more after I return home.

Thanks again!
Kathy Nelson
Arrowhead High School
Hartland, WI