Monday, July 28, 2008

Showcase vs. Workspace

I am attending a workshop on "Using Worldware for Student Success in the Classroom and Beyond" conducted by Gary Brown from Washington State University, being held at the Campus Technology Conference in Boston. I had an opportunity to see a much larger picture of the WSU work that I have been observing from afar. I am impressed by their characterization of ePortfolios as "workspace" vs. "showcase" of student work. This is a glimpse of their concept of the ePortfolio as Personal Learning Environment.


Nils Peterson said...

Thanks for the mention Helen.

Two places your readers might want to go for more information. Our case studies leading to the idea of Showcase vs Workspace and our implementation of Gary's Harvesting Gradebook.

Ramon said...

Hello Helen,
Thank you sharing. I have worked in ePortfolio at NYC College of Technology since 2002. At our institution we are concentrated in career portfolios, showcase portfolios. Anyone interested can read more at