Saturday, October 18, 2008

ILC 2008 conference

Last week I attended the first Innovative Learning Conference sponsored by CUE and FETC and held in the San Jose Convention Center. The attendance looked pretty low, but it was good to connect with a lot of California educators. I made my presentation on Voice and Reflection: Many Purposes of Digital Storytelling in ePortfolios. I also attended a lot of sessions on using cell phones in education and several sessions on PhotoStory, which looks like it is becoming the multimedia tool of choice for Windows XP users. I wonder why Microsoft hasn't released a Vista version of this software. That is the main reason that I elected to get Windows XP on my new HP netbook.

Speaking of netbooks, I attended a session on these small inexpensive laptops that are starting to be used in education. I was interested in the discussion of the next generation XO laptop with two touch-sensitive displays, to be released in 2010. No keyboard! Very interesting design! I'm getting used to "typing on the screen" of my iPhone. I wonder if this is the direction of small laptops. This week Apple announced updates of MacBooks. When asked about netbooks, here was Steve Jobs' response: "... that's a nascent market that's just getting started." Hmmm... I recently read about an Apple patent application for a multi-touch user interface. As they say, stay tuned!

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Lee said...

Hi Helen

Was great having the opportunity to work with you today, an interesting experience - my first EIfEL conference and certainly plenty of food for thought. It was quite interesting to see how the focus on the nature and use of personal learning spaces (still struggling with 'e' words) varies across the international community. Though I suspect the 'eportfolio' comfort zone enjoyed by some colleagues with a real sense of employment/employability usage is something I will continue to struggle with.

Our work across the further education teaching community is well advanced - although I have a long interest in the use of technology to support learning, I never anticipated being seen as an eportfolio expert, indeed I doubt I am one. I am, however, passionate about supporting the highly individualised professional (and personal) learning needs of teachers so suspect that I will gather expertise over time.

If it is of any real use, am more than happy to share the Institute's experience at some point in the future - with the first round of CPD returns due next summer and already many and varied studies emerging from our REfLECT adaptation of PebblePad, I imagine there will be a rich source of material for researchers.

Hope you had a good journey home.