Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ePortfolios - Celebrating Learning (in NZ)

The New Zealand Ministry of Education has just posted a report that discusses these questions:
  1. What are the important features of a platform to support ePortfolios for NZ education?
  2. Is it possible for one system to accommodate the entire spectrum of requirements across the education sector?
  3. How important is interoperability of ePortfolio data?
  4. What are the key criteria for selecting a system?
This report was written by Ian Fox, Sandy Britain and Viv Hall, and provides a good discussion of the issues of implementing ePortfolios across the K-12 age span. I was impressed by the five case studies included in the Appendix, as well as a brief comparison of the two ePortfolio technical standards: the IMS ePortfolio specification and LEAP2A, developed by CETIS in the U.K. (hint: the report recommended adoption of the LEAP2A standard).

At NECC, I heard a rumor that ePortfolios were proposed as part of the National Educational Technology Plan. After reading this report, I am wondering whether individual states and/or the U.S. Department of Education would consider the ideas presented in this study. I am always so impressed with the implementation of ePortfolios in New Zealand, and I've blogged about them frequently. I am trying to figure out how to get down there in February or March 2010, when I am also going to conferences in India and possibly Singapore. A visit to NZ will wrap up the research for my book!

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Paul said...

Helen, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sitting in a position with some influence and some funding I regularly ask myself, "What is the best thing the Ministry can do to encourage greater/better (bredth and depth) use of eportfolios?" My main concern is not about transfer of portfolios between schools but how to enable more schools ro use them at all (and in a sustainable manner).

I hope the postings from those who have read the report will shed some light on this.

Paul Seiler