Monday, July 06, 2009

Social Networking reaching critical mass?

I feel like my social networks are changing. This last weekend, my closest family members established Facebook accounts. My daughter had an account before I did, and she uses it a lot with her face-to-face friends. She left her Budapest friends with the comment, “See you on Facebook.” Until yesterday, it just seemed like a college student and professional tool. Now, it is becoming a family tool. I’ve seen how well it works watching my daughter using Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone. Now I see my son using those tools from his Blackberry! It really feels like a critical mass is emerging. Prior to this weekend, most of my “friends” on Facebook were distant Ed Tech buddies. Now, my immediate family is involved, which makes me want to log in more often.

I also noticed that social networking at NECC changed this year. I signed up for the Ning network, as I did last year, but the traffic this year was very low. This year, it was all Twitter! I wonder how soon there will be a link between Facebook and Twitter, so that the same update doesn't need to be posted to each account. As I learned at NECC, “All you need is an Embed code.”


Knaus said...

Hi! I've never used FB as a professional tool. I see it strictly as a personal tool.

However, in response to your post. There is a Twitter app for FB. Just search "Twitter" on FB.

On the other hand, this seems a bit redundant. You can post to FB from your phone. Why go the extra step from Twitter?

Crossyard said...

A link between Facebook and Twitter already exists. For example if you use Tweetdeck as Twitter client you can post you tweets as update in your Facebook profil.

Katie said...

There are lots of facebook apps which tie twitter and fb together. Search facebook applications for "twitter."

Cristina Costa said...

You do raise a good point there Helen.
I think online we are more than ever 'Nomatic' - we are always moving from one place to the next - we go where our network goes, because that is where it makes sense to be. I continue to say that the tools are just important as a platform to bridge communication and interaction, but the 'Learning / social environment' does depend on the critical mass. The people that care to join. And they join such spaces because their peers are there. They are the ones that add substantial significance/reason to being there. Last year was ning, this year is twitter...God knows what will be next... but I am sure that whatever comes, the majority of ours learning contacts will move there... that's where the action will be