Saturday, May 08, 2010

Portfolio Life --at Mercy College

I made a presentation this week to the faculty of Mercy College. I am sharing my slides here in my blog. This presentation is an extended version of the TEDxASB presentation that I gave in February. I am pleased with the response that I received from this presentation. I heard from some of the participants that they weren't expecting a motivational talk about electronic portfolios. I guess that is my mission...and my passion... and I never showed a single digital story.

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JungKang said...

Dr. Barrett - It was an inspirational talk that you gave at Mercy College on Thursday. I have just started reading the book, "The Learning Portfolio" by John Zubizarreta to get some ideas for using e-portfolios for my courses in the fall semester. I also became very interested in digital storytelling after I saw your presentation. Thank you.