Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kindergarten Portfolios with Blogger

I'm doing online research for my book, and found some great examples of using Blogger to create ePortfolios in Kindergartens. Here are some links: (Carol Stream, IL) - written up in a local newspaper (NZ - with links to 2 public blogs) It is obvious that the students are not posting to these blogs, and most of them are private, requiring an invitation to view. The two public blogs:
-  (NZ = public student example in Blogger - lots of embedded images+video) - The teacher added Labels (Tags) that can be selected under Quick find
-  Quote from profile:
This is my E-profile all about me!
Mum and Dad have decided to leave it an open blog as an exemplar of how e-profiles can be used to document and assess my learning and life as a partnership between my extended family, my teachers at kindergarten, my dance teachers, and when I get there my school teachers too.
Please enjoy and respect my E profile.
I have emailed the school to communicate with the teacher who put together these portfolios. I would love to have a conversation with more Kindergarten teachers who are implementing this process with their students.


TarnzC said...

Hi Helen,
At Manaia Kindergarten we have kept a blog for many years now, with our main purpose being to engage with families and our community both nationally and internationally. We were involved in a 3 year research project where we investigated “How can blogging at Manaia Kindergarten foster closer relationships with various groups within our learning community, and how will this benefit our community of children and their families?” Since completing our action research project, the current teaching team is investigating and exploring integrating e-portfolios for individual children. We have been so impressed with how many comments we get on our blog posts and how many people have become involved in the learning journey of the children at Manaia Kindergarten. I have enjoyed keeping up to date with your research and reading your posts. Would love to be involved in any conversations around e-portfolios in Early Childhood.
Ka Kite

Sheree said...

Over the past year we have been exploring e-portfolios as a way of engaging families in the curriculum. We are a diverse, multi cultural learning centre in Auckland, New Zealand, and place a strong emphasis on identity. We are interested in using e-portfolios as a way of documenting life-long learning and have already seen huge benefits for children, families and teachers. Our teachers have begun a pilot programme setting up private individual e-portfolios for our children. This is still a very new process in our centre but we are all very excited about the possibilities available to us to capture stories, learning and memories for our children and families.
Feel free to contact us if we can be of any help in your investigations around e-portfolios.