Monday, January 10, 2011

AAEEBL Western Conference on ePortfolios

I have been confirmed as the luncheon keynote speaker at the AAEEBL Western Conference on ePortfolios at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, February 28-March 1, 2011. The title of my presentation will be: Is the Future of ePortfolios in your Pocket? mPortfolios for Lifelong Learning. My description:
"We are implementing portfolio-like processes throughout our lives, regardless of technology or tools:
  • collection
  • selection
  • reflection
  • direction
  • presentation
  • feedback
  • evaluation
Look at the way that technology supports those processes: digitizing/archiving, hyper-linking/embedding, storytelling, collaborating, publishing, aggregating. We need to help students develop lifelong skills that will last after they graduate. If students are using "world ware" (tools in use it the world) then they are developing skills that can be applied in the "real world" outside of formal education. We should also look at how students are naturally using technology in their lives: social networking, mobile communications, capturing and storing images, audio and video, etc. We could build on the tools that students are already using... and look at the intrinsic motivation factors that drive the use of social networking, and apply those factors to the ePortfolio environment: autonomy, mastery and purpose (thanks to Dan Pink's book, Drive). We are looking at a future that is well integrated with mobile devices. I will share my current research focusing on the application of mobile devices (iOS and Android) to support ePortfolio development across the lifespan."
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