Sunday, January 02, 2011

Digital Storytelling with iPod Touch 4

My junior-high granddaughter and I are experimenting with my iPod Touch 4, creating a digital story with images she took with the built-in camera. She wrote out a short script, and I helped her format it to help with recording (one line per image). She taught me a lot about the capability of the device, including the built-in microphone, which she discovered when she tried Face Time last weekend. Our first project was using Splice, which tended to quit on us when we inserted almost every new image. However, we didn't lose much. We also had a difficult time figuring out how to go back and adjust the timing of the audio clips we recorded directly into the program. It was easy to adjust the In and Out points of each audio clip.  I'm sure with a little practice, and more time, we could add a lot more features, like the Ken Burns effect on the images, and background music. Our first version was uploaded to my YouTube account directly from the program. I downloaded a Quicktime version to my MobileMe account.

The second version of Aimee's video was created using Storyrobe on the iPod Touch 4. Maybe it was because it was the second time she narrated the story, but it took only a few minutes to create this version. Aimee watched the YouTube version of the first story, so that she picked the right images, and then figured out how to record as she navigated from image to image. When she was through, she said it was much easier. The little glitch in the audio at the end was probably because she stopped the recording while she was still talking! The end result was 30 seconds shorter, with no titles. We figured there were graphics programs we could use to make titles, and do a screen grab. Storyrobe looks like a good program for elementary students. The process reminds me of PhotoStory, without the music. I uploaded five copies of the story to YouTube (by accident, because there was little feedback when I pressed the button), but YouTube rejected the duplicates.

I have more programs that I would like to try, but school starts again tomorrow. I will focus on using other video editing software on my iPad (ReelDirector or Storyrobe) to recreate one of my digital storytelling workshop videos. Stay tuned!


Mervi J. said...

I am looking for digital storytelling iPod apps. You mentioned you would be experimenting with more. Which apps are the best you've come across so far? I have used SonicPics with still images and it seems to work well.

Dr. Helen Barrett said...

My granddaughter said that Storyrobe was a lot easier than Splice! You might look at the following website:
Next week I may have an iPad2. Then I will be playing with new apps!

Philip said...

If you're not using video, the de facto standard for this kind of thing seems to be Story Kit. It's free, intuitive and reliable. I use it with kids in grade 1 and 2 and they have no problems. I'm using Storyrobe because of the video option, but I find it a little bit harder to use.