Friday, February 11, 2011

Democratic Revolution in Egypt

Over the last year, I have been communicating with a graduate student who is trying to study and implement electronic portfolios in Egypt. Although I have not heard from him over the last three weeks, I have been thinking about him while watching the cable news channels. Waking up to the jubilant celebration, I decided to send him the following email:
I have been watching the television reports of the revolution in Egypt and thinking of you. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with what I am watching. You must be so proud about what is happening in your country. I don't know how involved you have been, but I wish your country great success in building a democracy.

I am convinced that self-efficacy and self-directed learning are essential to democratic principles, and in a small way, electronic portfolios can be part of that process. Understanding oneself, and showcasing achievements are important to building self esteem. I see Egypt as a country that has suddenly discovered its national self-esteem, as shown through the video news reports. It is a good metaphor for what can be achieved by individuals with electronic portfolios!

Digital media was an important part of your national revolution; it can also be part of individual transformation.
I received the following response a few hours later. The English may not be perfect, probably due to imperfect translation software, but the feelings are obvious!
Thank you for your interest about me my dear Egypt
Taste that freedom has a taste very, very, very special in the same as any human being on the face of the earth ..........
I wish Mint always be my free in everything, as America ... Freedom in education .... Freedom in religion ... Freedom in the economy .... Freedom in everything .....
And I hope to be able to exploit the historical moment of spreading the culture of the use of technology in education, individual and through e-portfolio....
Thank you once again for your interest ....... and I ask you the freedom and all of the earth

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