Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Digital Storytelling in ePortfolios

Just as I thought, I was able to introduce the process of digital storytelling to these faculty members in my workshop yesterday, using XP's MovieMaker2, in less than an hour. This is the first time we tried this short hands-on activity to introduce the process. MovieMaker2 is not iMovie, but it demonstrated the process. And the participants found it to be a lot of fun... as their students will. Showing them PhotoStory this morning was also exciting. The Department chair agreed to reimburse the cost of downloading this $20 program, and several of the faculty members said that they were "psyched!"

We need to find strategies for portfolio development and reflection that are engaging for students. Too often, the portfolio and reflection become just another assignment that the students are not invested in. Word processing alone is now "ho-hum" to a lot of students. We need to find strategies that motivate learners intrinsically. Digital Storytelling is one of them. Perhaps blogs and wikis are another.


Susan said...

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