Friday, June 04, 2004

Conference Proposals

I just mailed off a proposal to the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education's 2005 conference, which will probably be the last time I attend that conference, since I am retiring from the University of Alaska Anchorage some time in 2005. However, I felt it was important to at least make one last attempt to advocate for a balance between electronic portfolios and assessment management systems. The title of that presentation is: Competing Paradigms in Electronic Portfolios: Balancing “Portfolio-as-Test” with “Portfolio-as-Story” and the 30-word abstract is:
What differentiates electronic portfolios and online assessment management systems? Balance institutional need for assessment and accreditation data with teacher candidates’ need for storytelling: using reflection on experience to improve learning. AACTE2005proposal.pdf

While I was on a roll, I also submitted a proposal to the International Reading Association conference (where I have already been asked to lead a pre-conference technology institute on digital storytelling). I decided to submit a proposal entitled, "Digital Storytelling in Electronic Portfolios: Using Reflection on Experience to Improve Learning for K-12 students and Teacher Professional Development." The 25 word abstract is:
Digital stories are short video clips, with the learner’s voice, illustrated with still images. This highly-motivating strategy uses multimedia technology to engage learners in reflection. IRA2005Proposal.pdf

I just checked the program for the ePortfolio 2004 Conference in France in October 2004, and I see that Serge and Maureen have me doing part of the opening keynote entitled, "Transforming Schools and Teacher Education" plus a breakout session on the second day entitled, "e-Portfolios and Digital Storytelling." I am jazzed!

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