Monday, June 07, 2004

Wiki started

Today, I started a wiki to explore the role of intrinsically motivating technologies in the development of electronic portfolios. These technologies include digital storytelling, blogs and wikis:

This is all part of my personal experimentation with various online technologies to develop components of electronic portfolios, including this blog. These strategies follow emerging research on using computer gaming software to make instructional programs more motivating. Perhaps some of these emerging tools might make a difference motivating learners to maintain their own e-portfolios.

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Mr. Unangst said...

I've also started experimenting with using a wiki in a classroom learning environment. I've posted more at and have set up a working sample of at

Here are a couple of my ideas thus far:

Ink Inventory Wiki
(-)I'd like to see that my district's ink inventory moves to a Wiki format. LikeThis Why?
Well, for a number of reasons, but it always seems that modifying our online inventory ( as it is now has an extra step... that is, after I check the ink inventory, I need to schlepp back to my laptop, open MS Frontpage and edit the page. Sure would be nice to just be able to make the edit to the inventory from the same computer I check the ink inventory on in the first place (near the supply closet).

Simple Class Web Site or Homework Page
(-)One student's daily job is to post the homework assignment from the board to a wiki page on the class web site.
(-)Teaching responsibility within a group settting.
(-)If Tommy doesn't post the assignment, we all miss out on not having in online.
(-)If Emma deletes the assignment /wiki, it doesn't mean that we don't have to do the homework.
(-)And let's not forget that we could password protect some pages of the wiki.

Easy And Fast Student Web Publishing
(-)There's a lot to be said about the appeal of students building web sites.
(-)I'm looking for an improvement to the infamous Project Poster.
(-)Allowing students to create web sites quickly and easily is powerful.
(-)Say goodbye to forgotten passwords.
(-)Actually, my third graders all use the same password already when they create student web sites (for my own sanity). Seems like passwords are just an extra hurdle that can be eliminated.

I'd be very interested in seeing where you're headed with wiki use within education.

Eric Unangst