Saturday, June 19, 2004

ISTE Assessment & Technology Forum

Today was ISTE's 3rd Assessment & Technology Forum that I coordinated as part of the PT3 Catalyst Grant that I wrote on behalf of ISTE. It was the best one that we did with the smallest attendance. Oh, well. I think we have established a good planning team, and we have an opportunity to continue working together. But I am going to propose that the format change. We started two years ago in San Antonio, with the first Forum, where we focused strictly on a Gallery Walk of electronic portfolios. Because we advertised the session as Assessment and Technology (and not just electronic portfolios) we received some valid criticism (like "there are other approaches to using technology for assessment than e-portfolios.") So last year in Seattle, we focused on a broader range of assessments, and continued that approach today. But we also lost an opportunity to delve more deeply into electronic portfolios.

I am going to pull together the agendas for the last two international electronic portfolio meetings where I have presented in the last year. I think it is time for the U.S. to sponsor a meeting that focuses on e-portfolios in the U.S., especially in K-12 and Teacher Education (ISTE's base). Educause and the NLII have held several meetings over the last three years, and have additional meetings planned at higher ed conferences over the next six months. There is no organized meeting on e-portfolios in K-12 education. I think it is time for some leadership in this area. I am wondering if there is interest in such a gathering over one or two days prior to the next NECC in Philadelphia.

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