Monday, July 05, 2004

BlogTalk 2.0 Conference

I'm attending the BlogTalk 2.0 in Vienna. It was just a coincidence that I happened to be in Vienna at the time of this conference. I'm not sure I am very popular with my husband right now, taking time off from our vacation, to attend a computer conference, leaving him alone with my mother to tour Vienna. But I really want to see what is happening in the world of blogging, at least in Europe.

My first impression of this conference:
- the participants are very young and predominantly male
- there are an unusual number of Macintosh laptops in the room and on the podium (Yeah!) - on the table next to me and in front of me, there are at least 8 G4 laptops of various sizes

An interesting statement: textual blogs are popular among adolescents and a major part of young bloggers seems to be girls.

I keep thinking about how this phenomenon can be adapted to electronic portfolios. When the two presenters from Sweden showed some examples from their moblogging at a conference last winter, including an audio entry that sounded like it was added by a cell phone, many bells started to go off in my head. Now, I need to learn more about moblogs. Another new term I learned" "vogs" (personal publishing of video or audio).

I also saw some new tools used to present on the Macintosh: Opera (which I downloaded over the slow wi-fi connection) and Mozilla's Firebird.

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