Friday, January 16, 2009

Another new toy/tool

I just upgraded my old Flip video camera (and gave my first-generation Flip to my granddaughter for Christmas). I like this new version because it has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges through the USB port... no more messing with AA batteries!

While watching one of my favorite morning TV programs on MSNBC (Morning Joe), one of the founders of a brand new Internet news site, Global Post, was explaining how they were collecting stories from all over the world. Each of their reporters were given these Flip video cameras to capture their stories destined for their website. Immediately, the co-host of the program (Mika) said, "Oh, I love my Flip..." and pulled it out of her purse.

This version of the camera is a lot smaller than the original, so it fits
into my purse more easily. I am hoping that it will be more handy (smaller, better power system) so that I can do more video blogging (maybe!). I've been watching a friend and colleague do a lot of work with these cameras, including capturing reflections of participants during a workshop.


Thomas Sheppard said...

Hi, I love my Flip Ultra. I am doing a Masters of Distance Education at Athabasca University and I like the way the Flip makes it easy for anyone to get into video on the Internet. Lots of web 2.0 tools out there but I was wondering which ones you would recommend for an eportfolio?

eportfolios said...

You haven't read the rest of my blog ;-). Here are my recommended Web 2.0 tools from my website:

Thomas Sheppard said...

Actually, I have read a few of your posts. This brings up an interesting point. At AU, I have to create an e-portfolio as part of my evaluation for my masters. They use a version of ELGG called Me2U (, and we are to build it on this platform. My question is how do you make your e-portfolio accessible and keep it organized?

eportfolios said...

Two questions: What do you mean by "accessible" (sometimes a term that involves disabilities) and has your Masters program given you a framework (outcomes/goals/standards) for organizing your portfolio? I will write a blog post soon about using a blog to organize a portfolio (using tags or labels, whatever your blog calls them). See my previous post on Blogging and Reflection in ePortfolios (December 8, 2008) that discusses the differences between a working/learning/workspace portfolio (kept chronologically, often in a blog) and a presentation/showcase/assessment portfolio, organized thematically around a set of outcomes/goals/standards as required by your program.