Friday, January 30, 2009

Balancing 2 Faces of ePortfolios

I am working on a new diagram and document that focuses on the two major purposes of ePortfolios in (primarily) higher education, and will discuss the difference in strategies and tools, much of it discussed in other entries in my blog. I've transfered the working version into a GoogleDocs file, and invite co-authors who are interested in working on these ideas. This is also the theme of an upcoming keynote address that I will be making next fall.


pab said...

Hi Helen,

I've reflected on your work in a separate post, "Balancing 2 Faces...," where it is easier to include links, and requested access to your working document on Google.

Cheers, Paul

wanz said...

Dear Dr. Helen
i m currently applying this framework for my PhD thesis which investigate the effect of these two faces of ePortfolios particularly for art and design students. My experimental study started since 2007 until now. Its is still an ongoing process though. Question is-how does the students learning engagement reflect on the graphic design process of the ePortfolios itself?