Saturday, November 27, 2010

iPad Authoring Advances

I've noticed some increased editing capability with my iOS devices. I can now create and do basic text editing in GoogleDocs (Documents and Spreadsheets) using Safari and the website with my iPad. The editing is very basic (no formatting) but it works better than a few months ago. But Google Sites is a different story. Here is a Twitter conversation I had today with @Lenva (Lenva Shearing, deputy principal at BBI in Auckland):
  • lenva: Trying to edit a google sites new page made on iPad (os4.2). Cannot edit. Anyone know how or have an app?
  • lenva: Does anyone know of an iPad app that let's you edit google sites
  • eportfolios (me) @lenva I haven't been able to edit Google Sites text with iPad. Google Docs editing getting better but prefer using Office2HD (not free)
  • lenva: @eportfolios I also use Office2HD for G docs. Was hoping there was something similar for G sites. Rolling out ipads next yr, so its a pain.
  • eportfolios: @lenva U can create&name Sites pages w iPad...just not edit-yet. Workaround: embed Docs into Sites page w/laptop. Then edit Docs w/iPad?
  • eportfolios: @lenva Can now edit WikiSpaces with iPad. Couldn't do that 6 months ago: see example:
It sounds like BBI will be implementing a new iPad pod next year (their new school year starts at the end of January!). I am excited to see how this learner-centered school implements iPads. I spent two weeks visiting their school last March, to observe the creative ways that they implemented e-portfolios. I shared my passion for digital storytelling with the teachers and some of the students. Maybe I'll have to go back for another visit next year, to see how they implement digital storytelling with their iPads.

I've downloaded a couple of iPad/iPod apps for digital storytelling: Storyrobe, Splice (Video Editor for 3GS and iPhone 4 - US$.99). How soon will Splice and iMovie (US$4.99) be available on the iPad? I have them on my 4G iPod Touch! Last summer, some Apple Distinguished Educators put together a great site on implementing digital storytelling with the iPad: I've received other iPad software recommendations for e-portfolios, including Evernote, which I will include in a future blog entry. I've established a Google Site for exploring mPortfolios (m=Mobile) between now and June:


SG said...

Helen, I invite you to speak about mobile e-portfolios for lifelong learning on my live and recorded tele-interview series, Each speaker has a Careerwell Web Page, currently based on the Web Platform, including an exercise so listeners (primarily career counselors and educators at K-12 institutions, college and universities and employment offices). I've interviewed over 100 industry experts, would love to have you as a featured speaker. Are you available on a Thursday at 10 am in May or June? See speaker line-up,

Dr. Helen Barrett said...

Let's communicate about this over private email: eportfolios [at]

faizahamed said...

Hope this is the right place for this comemnt!

I want to develop a book for the ipad. The book is for use in middle school science class. I want to of course include the text and illustrations, but mostly want to incorporate some basic simulations that illustrate the text.

For example, if the story is dealing with gravity I want to include a mini-gravity simulator next to that part of the story.

I am assuming there are no good authoring tools for this at this stage? I understand that Adobe has a product (InDesign) that will author text and illustration books, but not the interactivity.

Any suggestions for the best tools for developing this kind of book?

All guidance is most appreciated. I am not technical - I am an educator - but want to be able to offer some guidance to my team.

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