Monday, November 01, 2010

vPortfolios from

My colleague, Jonathon Richter, has been talking about ePortfolios in virtual worlds. He shared a website with me that looks interesting. It doesn't look like an interactive portfolio (collection of artifacts) with authentic feedback, but it includes an opportunity to "record your accomplishments" (reflection on learning).
Virtual reality meets real world education with’s The Big Help. Start by creating your own virtual persona and personalized “Club House.” Then simply record your accomplishments to win special, limited edition prizes. Deck out your virtual room with a Legit Locker or hop on your Big Help skateboard and show off your avatar’s new Varsity Jacket. With activities ranging from stopping off at the library to starting a reading club with friends, the Club offers tons of ways for students to step up by “improving their bodies, mind, communities and planet.”
This website is part of's Get Schooled Challenge, an effort to get people to step up in support of education.

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