Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Portfolios, Personalization and Passion

There were several themes at ISTE2012 that have reinforced my philosophy of ePortfolio implementation: personalizing education for each child, helping each child find their passion to be more creative and entrepreneurial.

Sir Ken Robinson led the opening keynote panel on the topic, "Redefining Horizons: Encouraging Students’ Passion to Achieve" with panelists Shawn Covell (of Qualcomm), author Marc Prensky, and actress/scientist Mayim Bialik. His book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, "is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion. When people arrive at the Element, they feel most themselves and most inspired and achieve at their highest levels."

Dr. Yong Zhao provided an interesting and entertaining presentation on "Global, Creative, and Entrepreneurial: Defining High-Quality Education."

Monday, June 25, 2012

ISTE 2012 presentations

I'm sitting in the Bloggers Café at ISTE in San Diego. Here are my slides for my presentation that I gave earlier today.
Thanks to Jackie Gerstein for taking this picture!
Here is a sample of the tweets from my presentation:
  • “@2footgiraffe: What? So what? And now what? Via @eportfolios #mnpstech #iste12” @CoachWagz
  • What? So what? And now what? Via @eportfolios #mnpstech #iste12
  • @eportfolios says: eportfolios are a type of "Academic MySpace" #iste12 #edtech
  • @eportfolios if you were building an ePortfolio from scratch and had no limits, what would your top 3 requirements be? #iste12
  • @eportfolios says: "Google believes in data liberation." Hah! #edtech #iste12
  • @eportfolios says: "Why google?...It's an integrated ecosystem." #iste12 #edtech
  • @eportfolios is a genius! #iste12
  • E portfolio is both process and product! #eportfolios @eportfolios #iste12
  • @eportfolios says "remember you are telling a story, not just any story...tell it with pride." #iste12 #edtech
  • The purpose (of portfolios) drives the process and content. Via @eportfolios #iste12
  • #iste12 we need a balanced outcome. Student centered and school centered. Via @eportfolios #mnpstech
  • @eportfolios Helen Barrett has been working w/eportfolios for 21+ yrs #iste12
  • Looking forward to hearing what Helen Barrett (@eportfolios) has to share about e-portfolios w/Google Apps #iste12
  • Excited to hear from @eportfolios AKA Helen Barrett on ePortfolios at #ISTE12
  • Where have I heard Dr. Helen Barrett before? It had to be another conference... #iste12 #eportfolios @eportfolios
  • Me 2 #pwsd RT @hglasser: Dr. Barrett @eportfolios - Student-Centered Interactive #eportfolios with #Google Apps #iste12
  • Packed room for @eportfolios interested to hear how sharing items via google in public venue- how are reflections handled #iste12
  • @hglasser @eportfolios Thank you both for the link to resources! #NAISTE #iste12
  • Dr. Helen Barrett @eportfolios - Student-Centered Interactive #eportfolios with #Google Apps #iste12
  • Student-Centered Interactive #Eportfolios by @eportfolios #SlideShare #iste12
  • Got my seat for #eportfolios at #iste12! @eportfolios , I'm ready to learn!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Conference in Columbia, SC

I provided a keynote address and presentations at a Google Summit sponsored by the Richland Two School District in Columbia, SC in June 5-7, 2012. Here are my slides: