Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pakistan presentation Day 2

This is my second presentation at the NUML faculty workshop.


Monday, December 10, 2018

Electronic Portfolios in Pakistan

I just finished the first of two electronic portfolio presentations for a group of educators at National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad, Pakistan. We used Skype for Business for my presentation, where I shared my screen with the audience. Here is my presentation, with links to the supporting website:

Intro pakistan2018 from Helen Barrett

Twitter comments :
  • @helenberrett "the grandmother" of @eportfolios live for Pakistan sessions #blteae project
  • Interested in eportfolios? then follow Helen Barrett here on twitter where her handle, appropriately enough is @eportfolios !
  • educational portfolio captures intellectual capital - it gathers over time what we have achieved, says Helen Barrett @eportfolios during our first live session on #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • here is what students should consider in preparing their ePortfolios, What? so what? now what? says Helen Barrett @eportfolios  #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • how do you ensure there is quality in an #eportfolios ? same as in assessing students work says Helen Barrett @eportfolios during our session on #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • How to select relevant resources for @eportfolios? Read more  in https://electronicportfolios.org/index2.html   #blteae
  • multiple purposes for @eportfolios showcase, assessment and learning says Helen Barrett during her session on #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • look at out attentive audience during @eportfolios presentation  #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • Life long learning, meaning, critical reflection: "if student don't see it, it will be hard to be a reflective learner". @eportfolios
  • 'Portfolio is a laboratory where students construct meaning from their accumulated experiences' says Helen @eportfolios  #eportfolio #bltpakistan
  • Helen Barrett @eportfolios says eportfolios should allow choice and voice during her session on #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • Voice in the portfolio: individual identity to make meaning. A digital story about deep learning @eportfolios #blteaepakistan
  • Great resource on #eportfolios mentioned by Helen @eportfolios just now https://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/publications/effectivepracticeeportfolios.pdf …  #bltpakistan
  • developing an eportfolio is both a process and a product says Helen @eportfolios #eportfolios #bltpakistan
  • Helen @eportfolios talking about assessment and the difference between assessment for continuous improvement vs assessment for accountability #eportfolios #bltpakistan
  • use portfolios to document the mastery of students says Helen Barrett @eportfolios  #eportfolios in Pakistan #bltpakistan
  • Discovering @padlet as eportoflio tool? https://padlet.com/  #bltpakistan @BLTeae_  Discussion with @eportfolios