Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Junior Cycle for Teachers (Ireland) Keynote Address

This was the second stop on my European trip. After a meeting with the members of the Junior Cycle for Teachers team, I modified my keynote from the Brussels conference to include elements of the ePortfolio planning process.

Friday, February 02, 2018

ATS2020 Final Conference in Brussels

This was the first stop on my European trip, to provide the keynote address to the Final Conference of the ATS2020 project, an international classroom pilot project involving 10 European countries, 250 schools, 1,000 teacher, and 10,000 students (aged 10 to 15 years) during the school year 2016-17. Below are some of the comments on Twitter.
  • It's a huge pleasure to listen to Hellen Barret the Godmother of eportfolio.
  • Delighted to hear Dr Helen Barrett speak of digital stories and the student voice in learning and the potential of ePortfolios to share and document these stories #ATS2020finalconference #ATS2020
  • Some lovely.. and powerful examples of using non-text ways of presenting work in ePortfolios by Helen Barrett.. Audio, image, video.. #ATS2020 We strongly encourage this at @MarinoInstitute
  • Reflective #learning is beautiful - and it is the first step on the path to #lifelonglearning #selfawareness @ats2020project #ats2020 @eportfolios
  • Working with ‪#ePortfolio - looking into cognitive processes Best presentation for ‪#ePortfolioNerds like me, ‪@AndreaGhoneim and the ‪#ATS2020 team! Hehe! ‪#ATS2020finalconference ‪#helenbarrett ‪@eportfolios‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
  • Telling a story means finding yourself. This is the power of
  • ‪#storytelling.    ‬
  • Such a moving story by Helen's daughter 
  • An #ePortfolio is not a folder you hold. It is something you work with. It is a mindset. It is storytelling.
  • #ATS2020 #ATS2020finalconference #edtech #erasmusplus
  • .@eportfolios: "The learning to learn" portfolio approach has been developed before the "e" in #ePortfolio. It's all about a pedagogical basis, before thinking about #edtech. #ATS2020 #ATS2020finalconference #edtech