Digital Storytelling

This page is meant to reflect on my pursuit of my passion for digital storytelling. In 2001, I started teaching my students at the University of Alaska Anchorage how to create digital stories as part of their electronic portfolio development. Later that same year, I started working under a PT3 grant, and was on loan to ISTE (2001-2005). Below are examples of my digital storytelling explorations.

I attended my first workshop at the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California in 2003. Here is the digital story that we created at that workshop. The original version had music from Glenn Miller and Guy Lombardo, but this version has music that is royalty-free:


After that workshop, I decided to create a digital story to model the process... and that represents an important message from my life. The original version included a music track (Only Time by Enya), but to respect copyright this version contains a royalty-free music track.

During the last two years of my PT3 grant, I led a variety of workshops where I have collected a lot of stories that are powerful examples of digital stories that represent reflection and deep learning. My next digital story was developed at the first Training of Trainers workshop led by the Center for Digital Storytelling in Ukiah, California in 2005:


In 2006, I went through a divorce, and put together the following story as my way of processing this major life change. The only conference where I have presented this story was the European ePortfolio Conference in Oxford in the fall of 2006:


In 2007, my presentation at the National Educational Computing Conference was entitled, "Multiple Purposes of Digital Stories and Podcasts in ePortfolios." For that conference, I developed a digital story that was a reflection on my professional development through my involvement in conferences:


It is time to create another story, to represent my Life Portfolio, my purpose and passions. But I have to finish my book, first!